Hedera canariensis – ‘Variegated Algerian Ivy’


Hedera canariensis – ‘Variegated Algerian Ivy’


‘Variegated Algerian Ivy’

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Hedera canariensis variegated is a heart-shaped foliage climbing/trailing ivy. Its glossy foliage is 3 lobed leaves with reddish stems, with dark green leaves with cream/white margins. It is great for indoors or outdoors but would be ideal to cover large walls or fences. Also a useful ground cover or used as a border. Thrives best in well drained soils and full sun to part sun positions. If indoors will benefit from being outdoors for a week or two and will need liquid fertiliser during the growing season. Hedera canariensis variegated can grow up to 40cm high and spread out to 1m wide

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