Ipomoea acuminata – ‘Perennial Morning Glory’


Ipomoea acuminata – ‘Perennial Morning Glory’


‘Perennial Morning Glory’

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These beautiful vines have an abundance of electric blue flowers that fade as the day goes on to a pink-purple. They don’t really close up like annual morning glories, but stay open most of the day. These vines do not get seeds, but do spread with runners along the ground. These can grow in partial shade or full sun in average, well draining soil. Easy maintenance plant – will grow anywhere! Do you have an embankment that needs a lift, or an arbor or archway . . . a dead tree, even that old fence (or new fence!) – you name it, these beautiful vines will add colour and interest anywhere you plant them! Since these spread with runners along the ground, make sure to leave enough room on the ground around the vine for the runners it will send out so they don’t choke out other plants.

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