Jasminum officinale – ‘Pink Jasmine’


Jasminum officinale – ‘Pink Jasmine’


‘Pink Jasmine’

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Prized for its spectacular floral display, award-winner Jasminum polyanthum (Pink Jasmine) is a strong-growing evergreen vine with masses of intensely fragrant, long-tubed, white flowers, 2 cm across, opening from pink buds. Born in dense clusters, the blooms are white inside and rose-coloured outside. A fast climber by twining, the long stems are clothed with bright to dark green leaves, slightly paler underside, with 5-7 leaflets. Blooming in late winter and spring, Pink Jasmine is ideal if you are looking for a groundcover or a vine to cover a wall or fence. Pink Jasmine grows up to 6 metres tall. Thrives in full sun to part shade, in well-drained soils in a sheltered, frost-free area.

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