Sambucus canadensis – American Elder


Sambucus canadensis – American Elder


‘American Elder’

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Sambucus canadensis (American Elder) is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub of loose open habit with arching, spreading branches, clothed in a lush foliage of sharply serrated, bright green leaves composed of 7 leaflets. In early to mid summer, a profusion of lemon-scented white flowers appear in large flat clusters. They give way to black elderberry fruits later in the season. Attractive to birds, the fruits may be used to make jams, jellies and elderberry wine. Good shrub for naturalized areas where suckering spread may be appreciated. Grows up to 150-360 cm tall and wide. Spreads freely by root suckers to form colonies. Performs best in <full sun or part shade, in medium to wet well-drained soils. Best foliage colour when grown in full sun. Drought tolerant. Excellent choice as a single specimen plant, informal screens or hedges.

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