Sanguisorba minor – ‘Salad Burnet’


Sanguisorba minor – ‘Salad Burnet’


‘Salad Burnet’

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Primarily grown for its tasty leaves, Sanguisorba minor (Salad Burnet) is a hardy, dainty perennial forming a low basal rosette of pinnate leaves, each with 4-12 pairs of rounded, toothed leaflets. The ferny leaves have a delicate cucumber flavour and may be added to summer drinks and salads. In summer, unusual crimson rounded flowers appear on tall, slender stalks rising well above the foliage. While attracting a wealth of insects, they are not particularly ornamental and are often removed by gardeners more interested in increased leaf production. The young leaves have the best flavour. Evergreen in warm winter climates.

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