Senecio tamoides variegata – ‘Canary Creeper’ variegated

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Senecio tamoides variegata – ‘Canary Creeper’ variegated


‘Canary Creeper’ variegated

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A vigorous fast-growing climber with semi-succulent stems and leaves that has a spread of 4 x 2 m. It is mostly evergreen, but during severe winters or in areas that suffer from frost, it will react deciduously, dying back and then recovering beautifully again in the spring. The shiny, fleshy variegated leaves resemble those of ivy in that they are roughly triangle-shaped with unequal lobes and are attractive all year round. The wonderfully bright canary yellow daisy flowers are borne massed in clusters during late summer and autumn (March to July), making a lovely show; they also have a delightful aromatic scent.

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